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Mia Chocolate Princess

As she writes and performs the latest songs from her R&B, Hip/Hop/Trap catalogue, Mia Chocolate Princess conveys raw, authentic, and unfiltered messages in her music.  Mia is Southern born and Cali raised. She and other talented writers/musicians have taken her life experiences and perspectives and put them into song for the masses to experience.Her vocal style is reminiscent of the sensual tone of Rhianna coupled with the confidence of Beyonce.  


How Mia started

Mia first began making music because of her love of creating and performing throughout her early life.  She started training as a model with Janelle Jackson at a very young age and won 1st place in two modeling competitions.  Shortly after, she began acting in TV and film.  During this time her mother was a vocalist for various R&B projects.  Mia was a protégé of her mother.  It was here that she began her journey as a songwriter and performer.  The best compliment she says she’s ever received was that she had a vocal resemblance to other internationally known artists.  


Mia’s Accomplishments

When asked what was her coolest, most important show she’s ever performed, Mia reminisced about the time she was invited to sing the national anthem at The Coliseum for a Nike basketball game.  She also loved the stages and audiences she performed for at various festivals. Her shows are energetic with dancing which is always engaging for her audience. Her latest release is entitled “Bag Back” (see video).  Mia is also accomplished in academia.  She holds an Associate’s Degree in Sign Language and a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Cultures.


What Mia is doing now

Now that the music tracks are all completed, Mia is focused on touring and playing more venues. She’s looking forward to having and creating adventurous experiences with her audience as well as interact with those who support her and love what she represents. Her mission now is to “Live the dream after the vision.”  By this, she endeavors to live the dream that she envisioned for herself a long time ago, keep pushing and never be distracted from it.



Sheree Dunn

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